Lauren Kelly

Intuitive Consulting & Arts

Need a pick-me-up? Download my letter to your soul here. (Freebie!)

My mission is simple: To show you how beautifulcapable, and divine you really are.

Skeptical of aura portraits? I would be, too! 

You can read testimonials here on my website, or you can read the reviews on my listing at ex-PI Bob Olson's Psychic Directory. (Every review posted there is carefully monitored by the directory's staff to ensure integrity. Most folks just come and post on my website, but there are a handful of testimonials there for you to see, too.)

Additionally, you can download a sample portrait and see for yourself whether this service is right for you... here's an image + accompanying reading.

Love to you, beauties. Stay skeptical. 


Auralight is a prayer from my soul to yours. Art and inspiration, a great addition to your coffee table. Flip through colorful souls and spirit guides just like yours. Beautiful and diverse, a reminder that there's always more to you than meets the eye. Printed to order here.


  • "Absolutely beautiful!!"
  • "First of all, the portrait itself was beautiful. The comments Lauren provided were incredibly thorough, accurate, and enlightening. I'm in love with it!"
  • "I had mixed emotions about having my aura read but I was absolutely drawn to Lauren and I felt a pull to have it done. Listening to my gut was a great decision. I love the aura ..."