Lauren Kelly

Intuitive Consulting & Arts

Relaunching March 29. 💖

My mission is simple: To show you how beautifulcapable, and divine you really are.

"The aura portrait is breathtakingI highly recommend this reading, especially to those who have their doubts."

"It touched my soul. I sat in bed this morning reading over the accurate and super in depth description of me and the guardians who watch over me. Thank you so much, Lauren."

"There was something my soul was missing and I found it while reading. I feel more connected to myself."

"She is the real deal, whatever that means."

Guided Meditations:


For grounding, clearing, and fully accepting the blessing of being alive.


For facing the underworld within to instill higher order. (coming soon)

Published Works:


Original art works illustrating a prayer from my heart to yours. A collection of Aura Portraits to illustrate the living spark of something greater inside all of us. 

Prints & Print products:


Clothing with a purpose. Learn more about Vida.


Prints and print gifts.

Cosmo Café & Bar, Tulsa OK

Original works on display.