Lauren Kelly

Intuitive Consulting & Arts

Need a pick-me-up? Download my letter to your soul here. (Freebie!)

My mission is simple: To show you how beautifulcapable, and divine you really are.

Skeptical of aura portraits? I would be, too!

I invite you to read testimonials both here on my website and on my listing at ex-PI Bob Olson's Psychic Directory. Every review posted there is carefully monitored by the directory's staff to ensure integrity.

Additionally, please download a sample portrait and see for yourself whether this service is right for you... here's an image + accompanying reading (truncated to preserve client privacy).

Stay skeptical. ❤️

Oh, and by the way...

You are beautiful, you are whole, and you are fully worthy of being here now. Let's take a deep breath and center ourselves in this sacred moment.

Centering, my first downloadable guided meditation, is now available on Bandcamp

May it calm your heart and strengthen your spirit, beauty.

Auralight is a prayer from my soul to yours. Art and inspiration, a great addition to your coffee table. Flip through colorful souls and spirit guides just like yours. Beautiful and diverse, a reminder that there's always more to you than meets the eye. Printed to order here.


  • "This was really amazing! I loved this and I'm so impressed how much you got. Thank you. this made me feel a lot better about a lot of things and it was chilling what was spot on..."
  • "What can I say but 'wow'? I purchased an aura reading from Lauren a few months ago, and I've been showing it off ever since! The image is stunning - when I first opened the file..."
  • "This lovely lady did a tarot reading for me when I was struggling through some things and needed a little guidance. It was enlightening and validating, knowing that someone else..."