Lauren Kelly

Intuitive Consulting & Arts


My mission is simple: To show you how beautifulcapable, and Divine you really are.

About Lauren Kelly

I'm an entrepreneur, artist, and intuitive consultant from Oklahoma. Art and ambition were born in me, and I picked up woo-woo vocabulary on the fly when I started putting my original art into the public eye back in 2011. I began offering intuitive tarot and oracle readings in 2012, and in 2013 I began offering aura portraits. In 2015, I launched an online platform (click that Online Readings tab!) to reach clientele around the world. I'm a proud Citizen Potawatomi, and I'm currently pursuing my B.A. in Psychology.

My areas of expertise include goal coaching, relationship insight, tarot interpretation, dream interpretation, guidance-oriented mediumship, women's empowerment, and personal spiritual advising. On occasion I can be convinced to do social media, flyer design, and web aesthetic consulting, but that's still a fledgeling pursuit... contact me to see a portfolio. Additionally, I offer oil painting restoration on a case-by-case basis.

I currently live in the Tulsa area with my cat.

Licenses & Certifications: Multi-faith Ministry (Cleveland Co., OK MC2013 pg. 87), Certified Ethical Psychic (Florasage Therapies, 2013). 

I've been featured in the following: YouTube series Witches of the Four Quarters (2015-2016), Arts Festival Oklahoma at OCCC (2013), and Lynell Langston's Artist of the Month feature (2012).

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About Aura Portraits

An aura portrait is a highly individual custom art work and intuitive reading. By combining one-of-a-kind visual imagery and a personal reading that emphasizes your strengths, I believe I can make a positive contribution to your self-esteem and self-efficacy. Supported by my practical experience is the understanding that we are all happier, healthier, and more at peace when we know and embrace our unique worth.

An aura portrait is sweet... but not sugarcoated

An aura portrait is psychic... but not a cheap trick.

An aura portrait is idealistic... but not unrealistic.

I offer several order options for the portrait. The Digital Package includes a digital image of your portrait + accompanying reading/interpretation in PDF document. The Artist's Package (best value) includes the digital goodies plus the original artwork. If you've had a digital portrait before and you'd like to own the original artwork, there's an option to order that, too. I'm currently only shipping within the continental US.

You've probably already seen plenty of the portrait images all over this site, but in case you're still wondering about this service, download a sample portrait reading here (note: sample reading trimmed to preserve client privacy).

About LK Productions LLC

LK Productions LLC is based in OK, US. All intuitive services, creative works, and media produced by me are housed under this business. I believe that good business benefits all parties involved, and I strive to operate with integrity and love. 

I also believe that good business always gives back. At present, I proudly donate to the Center for Reproductive Rights, an organization devoted to the unbiased education, legal protection, health, and safety of youth, women, and mothers here and around the globe.

About the Art

"The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration." -- Frida Kahlo

Since before I could walk or read, I have been drawing and painting. When I was very young, the only way I knew to express my dreams and intuitive experiences was through painting. I have always gravitated toward themes of femininity, mediumship, introspection, the Jungian shadow, ancient religions and belief systems, and mysticism. For a while I dabbled in oil paint, but today I most enjoy the soft, dreamy look of watercolors. 

A few of my original pieces are available for purchase at Cosmo Café on Brookside in Tulsa, OK.

Prints of my work are available (posters, canvases, postcards, etc.) on Society6.

My clothing line, all featuring original art works, is available through VIDA.

Interested in owning an original? Please reach out through my contact form.

(All pieces showing are watermarked for intellectual property protection; print products will not contain watermark.)