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Quotes Wow. Just... Lauren is the best, okay? She is the real deal, whatever that means. I... She confirmed a lot of things for me, as well as provided solutions that will help me become a healthier being in the long run. I have a habit of rambling and losing sight of my goals, and the information that she's provided is helping me set a course towards a better future for both myself, and those around me. Thank the universe for this uh-may-zing individual. Like, dude. This person is heckin' incredible. Quotes

Quotes The aura portrait is breathtaking! I instantly connected with it at first glance, from the colors to the symbols, and the overall image itself. As I read Lauren's interpretation of my portrait, I nodded, grinned, and realized many new things about myself. The reading is both insightful and detailed, as well as artistic. I highly recommend this reading, especially to those who have their doubts :) Quotes
Joana J.

Quotes The Aura Portrait and reading was just beautiful and highly resonated with me. The reading was very uplifting, inspiring and very accurate. I just keep on looking at the aura portrait because it truly feels like myself. I'm just in awe and really recommend this reading! Quotes

Quotes I've previously had an aura portrait done by Lauren & recently decided to get a mini tarot reading. I absolutely loved it. I wanted to get a full reading done but am sort of strapped for cash as a college student. However, what I got in my email was way beyond expectations. A full three pages in paragraph form! Each card drawn described in detail and a little overview at the end. Despite not having any specific questions for this reading, afterwards I left with some clarity about some decisions I need to make. I literally cannot recommend this enough! Quotes

Quotes I am in awe of the Aura Portrait + Reading that I ordered from Lauren and would highly recommend to anyone who is considering it! The portrait alone is a beautiful piece of art but Lauren's evident talent with words makes the reading (and the portrait + reading) even more special! Lauren was able to provide a thoughtful reading with precision and depth (& sent this all in a timely manner from when I first placed my order). Most importantly, she was able to direct me - in a loving way - to attend to the areas in my Life that need attention and TLC. Thank you Lauren!!! Quotes

Quotes What can I say but 'wow'? I purchased an aura reading from Lauren a few months ago, and I've been showing it off ever since! The image is stunning - when I first opened the file, I couldn't believe it was me, while also instantly recognising the painting as completely myself. The painting is absolutely gorgeous, and it really does feel quite special to own a piece of art with your spirit as the muse! What I really can't believe, as a fellow aura reader, is how Lauren works with such incredible accuracy, without ever having once looked at me! She sees everything in the most beautiful and unique manner, and her skills are utterly impressive. My portrait featured a large and beautiful blue lotus flower - guess what makes up the centre of my first tattoo? That's right, a big blue lotus flower. Amazing. Thank you, Lauren! I could not be happier with my purchase. Quotes

Quotes I am truly amazed at the accuracy of your email tarot card readings! I live across the country from where you are and was drawn to your site by some strange happenstance. All I can say is this young lady is the real deal. After receiving mine Ihad my husband and children read, and literally they were so spot on. We all almost cried (well I did) out of sheer shock at the personal things that she pulled for each of us. I can't say enough how amazing she is. I have seen lots of fakes and people who stretch things but I feel like I can assure everyone with 1000% certainty that she has a gift and I was beyond blessed to be drawn to her site. Thank you so much! Quotes
Lisa Williams

Quotes I first stumbled upon Lauren on tumblr and immediately felt drawn to purchase an aura portrait from her. A few months passed until the stars finally aligned and I was able to purchase one, but when I did, it was such a beautiful, heartwarming experience. Upon reading my portrait description I could tell that she put so much effort and love into her work. I am very happy with my reading and I will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you, Lauren! Quotes

Quotes Wow!! So beautiful and I can relate so well to my reading and portrait! Very accurate!!Thank you so much for this opportunity and sharing your amazing skill with others such as myself. I wish you the best and hope to be back in time :) Quotes

Quotes From the moment I looked at it, it really resonated with me... I knew it was really me I was looking at. Quotes
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