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Quotes All in all, I found the reading to be inspiring and empowering, completely relevant to my life as it is right now, and I'm excited to get another portrait done. (Read full review: ) Quotes

Quotes I got an aura portrait and reading from her. She explains everything clearly and list some things you might not even know about yourself. Overall, the message was positively good and gives you this very happy feeling. I would definitely get another reading from her if possible! Quotes

Quotes I was very impressed with my reading. The portrait was stunning and the reading explained everything in the portrait with accuracy and insight. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I had mixed emotions about having my aura read but I was absolutely drawn to Lauren and I felt a pull to have it done. Listening to my gut was a great decision. I love the aura reading I got and she is so spot on that it was an amazing reading. You can always tell when people are the real deal and she definitely is. I recommend this to anyone who has considered getting an aura reading. The detailed reading explains so much. Thank you for doing my reading Lauren, it was great! Quotes

Quotes Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best [$10.00] I have spent in a long time. You've done really well here both in empathic connection but also in composing an engaging, articulate relay. Well done and thanks again. Quotes
J. Michael

Quotes This was really amazing! I loved this and I'm so impressed how much you got. Thank you. this made me feel a lot better about a lot of things and it was chilling what was spot on. I would recommend you to anyone and I love your art style, as well! Quotes

Quotes I was stunned by how much you were able to pick up on, including some things I literally was just talking about a day or two ago! The portrait was amazing and it was so much fun seeing something I myself cannot see. You have an amazing gift, and I am so delighted that I had the opportunity to be read by you. You've given me hope and some things to meditate on. Thank you so much for your time and energy. Quotes

Quotes This lovely lady did a tarot reading for me when I was struggling through some things and needed a little guidance. It was enlightening and validating, knowing that someone else was seeing the things in my life that I was. She's talented and eloquent and inspires real confidence in yourself and her work. Would absolutely recommend and would come to her again in a time of need or curiosity. Quotes

Quotes Kelly goes over and beyond whatever expectations I had of my reading. She hit the nail right on the head, and made everything easy to understand. The suggestions for helping with cleansing are all the same ones I get from my guides themselves! I would recommend everyone and their dog to get a reading from her ASAP! Do it! I guarantee you will never ever regret it ! Quotes

Quotes First of all, the portrait itself was beautiful. The comments Lauren provided were incredibly thorough, accurate, and enlightening. I'm in love with it! Quotes