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Mini reading! Delivered in PDF to email. 3-5 cards drawn, 2-5 pages dense text interpretation. All readings are sent out in a timely manner in the order of reception.

"I've previously had an aura portrait done by Lauren & recently decided to get a mini tarot reading. I absolutely loved it. I wanted to get a full reading done but am sort of strapped for cash as a college student. However, what I got in my email was way beyond expectations. A full three pages in paragraph form! Each card drawn described in detail and a little overview at the end. Despite not having any specific questions for this reading, afterwards I left with some clarity about some decisions I need to make. I literally cannot recommend this enough!" -Jill

"Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best [$10.00] I have spent in a long time. You've done really well here both in empathic connection but also in composing an engaging, articulate relay. Well done and thanks again." -J. Michael

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