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Aura Portrait Digital Package


JPG image of your Aura Portrait with PDF document giving details (6+ pages). Will be delivered in a timely manner in order of purchase (usually within 3-4 weeks, if not sooner) to the email attached to your Paypal order information. 

I retain rights to all art works including aura portraits as intellectual property and may share the image as I see fit. The reading is given privately and will not be disclosed by me except in court of law. 

"I had mixed emotions about having my aura read but I was absolutely drawn to Lauren and I felt a pull to have it done. Listening to my gut was a great decision. I love the aura reading I got and she is so spot on that it was an amazing reading. You can always tell when people are the real deal and she definitely is. I recommend this to anyone who has considered getting an aura reading. The detailed reading explains so much. Thank you for doing my reading Lauren, it was great!" -Lindsey

"The aura portrait is breathtaking! I instantly connected with it at first glance, from the colors to the symbols, and the overall image itself. As I read Lauren's interpretation of my portrait, I nodded, grinned, and realized many new things about myself. The reading is both insightful and detailed, as well as artistic. I highly recommend this reading, especially to those who have their doubts." -Joana

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Please give me something Spirit will recognize you by-- your birth date, your full name, or the nickname that you most often go by (or any combination of those). Thank you!

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