Lauren Kelly

Intuitive Consulting, Aura Portraiture, Spiritual Guidance


Terms & Conditions

1. Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Reading

2. Aura Portraits

3. Parties

4. Speaking

Terms & Conditions

  1. I will not do any type of intuitive service for any person under the age of 18 UNLESS I receive permission from parent/guardian.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  3. If for any reason I can't complete your service, I will refund you in full.
  4. All fees must be paid prior to reading.
  5. I retain rights to the image that comes with your reading (cards, portrait) and will use it for marketing purposes unless I am asked not to share.
  6. No refunds after completion of service.
My promise: I will not discriminate on the basis of gender, religious affiliation, orientation, race, or ethnicity. I will not make medical diagnoses or give legal advice. I will do my best to bring you the clearest intuitive information possible, and I will interpret it for you to the best of my ability in such a way that you feel empowered in your life. I will not do readings for clients while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I will not encourage the continuation of self-destructive behaviors in my clients. If I believe someone can help my client more than I can, I will refer my client to them. All written or spoken information that arises in private readings is confidential except in court of law.
If you order a reading, then you consent to these terms & conditions. 

If paying with check (in-person only), please make check payable to LK Productions LLC. Thank you!

Reminder-- I do not currently take appointments through any local shop, but I do make house calls for portraits and full card readings! Use contact form to inquire.

1. Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings

Get an intuitive perspective on your situation. Specialities are relationships (romantic and non-romantic), career, and personal empowerment. Available only in live appointments.

Full Reading: $45

About 20 minutes, or 8-12 cards. In-depth analysis, a lot to think about and mull over, several variations in layout. (I recommend extensive readings for big situations, or as general reading once every 3-5 months.) Offered in-person only.

Mini Reading: $10

About 5 minutes, or 3-4 cards. Quick answers, simple overview. (This is the kind of reading I do for myself a couple times weekly.) Offered online.

One Card: $3

Mini Reading, but just one card... great for answering a little question or getting a tiny tidbit of insight. Offered online.

(Side note: Please do not ask closed-ended questions such as "When will a partner come into my life?" or "What is the name of my soulmate?" or anything like that. I'll still read for you, but I typically don't answer that. Only your choices determine the course of your life. I'm just here to show you what's coming up on the road and what your options look like.)

2. Aura Portraits

An intuitively drawn image of you the way I see you-- a snapshot of your soul. Your aura colors, any guides/guardians I see around you, your chakras, and any symbols Spirit shows me. 

Aura Portrait: $70 (includes art work + full detail reading)

Offered in-person and online. Emailed portraits include a JPG image of your portrait + a PDF document explaining the details (usually 6-10 pages). In-person portraits include the original watercolor piece and the intuitive reading information delivered orally (instead of typed). 

3. Parties

I'm more than happy to bring intuitive readings or portraits to a party setting in the Tulsa area. Minimum 5 attendees for these rates.

Portrait Party: $50/head for groups of 5-9, $120/hour for groups of 10+

I love doing these in a party setting! So much fun. I bring all the supplies I need-- you just take care of the space and the attendance. I really prefer to be able to sit in a circle with everyone as we do portraits one by one, but if you like, set aside a private area where I can sit down with one partygoer at a time. This is best in a small setting as a portrait is relatively time consuming, but in a large group we'll get through a handful of people.

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Party: $20/head for groups of 5-9, $80/hour for groups of 10+

Everyone gets their own full intuitive reading! I bring everything needed to do the readings. For this, I need a space where I can lay out cards (a little table is perfect). It's best to have that off to the side where your partygoers can come see me one at a time, as sometimes the information that comes through can be a little private. 

If you're interested, just go through my contact form and we'll get coordinating. I accept cash, check, or can set up PayPal transaction for you. Please have either bottled water on site for me or a place where I can fill my own water bottle. 

4. Speaking

Need a fun, inspiring speaker for a party, a luncheon, or another event? My areas of speciality include building lasting confidence, women's empowerment, and overcoming emotional trauma. Details vary by case. Head to my contact page and we'll get coordinating. Can't wait to kick it with your group! (My only rule-- I must be allowed to record either audio or video of my portion.)